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The Fenton Education Foundation’s support for Academics, Athletics and Arts programs is one of many factors leading to Fenton’s success as a school district and our increasing popularity as a place to live and visit. The Foundation allows us, as a community, to privately enhance our public school system, providing our children the best possible educational experience available. To date, the Foundation has given over $200,000 to students, teachers and district programs through scholarships and grants! To continue on this path, however, we need your help.  Understanding that every household faces different economic challenges, the Foundation has created multiple ways to give.

The Gift of Giving

The funds raised through the Fenton Education Foundation help the school system in so many ways. One great example took place when Fenton Education Foundation supported the purchased of two screen printers for the Tigers Inc. program at both the Golf Outing and the Black Tie event. Funds were used to purchase equipment and initial start-up materials. This is an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurship, collaboration, and leadership on the part of both students and teachers within our district.
"Tigers Inc. is going to be a great "in house" opportunity to teach the students in our Transition program the job skills needed for success after high school. I can't wait to see the look of satisfaction when they see what they are capable of doing!" 
-Tracy Skene, FAPS Special Education Teacher 

"Tigers Inc. is excited to be rolling out order forms this coming week to Fenton high school staff and students. We got a great deal on some equipment and inventory, while helping out one of our local print shops. Our kids are eager to start making shirts."
- Matt Sullivan, FAPS teacher and coach

Monthly Giving Program

With the development of our Monthly Giving Program families have an opportunity to give small amounts on a monthly basis. Monthly programs are an important component to non-profit fundraising because they provide a steady, predictable source of income. This program will allow us as an organization to strategically plan how funds will be best utilized to benefit our teachers, students and the district. It also allows smaller donations to become larger gifts over time, while not putting strain on families’ monthly budgets. As little as $10 per month can make a huge impact and will help us continue to fund these programs.
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Annual Gift or 1-Time Donation

An Annual Gift or a 1-time Donation is a second option for families who prefer to give either just once per year, or through a 1-time Donation. Every dollar makes an impact in our district and helps fund these very important programs. 
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Create a Scholarship

Another way to donate is through the creation of a scholarship that can be directed towards a particular initiative that they are interested in. Donors interested in this type of donation need to send information about the type of scholarship they would like to create to the Fenton Education Foundation Board Members to work through the details and create the scholarship.

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Donate Through an Endowment

Donors can also make an impact through the Fenton Education Foundation by leaving a Legacy through Endowment. The financial endowment will structure your gift so that the principal amount invested remains intact, while the investment income is available for immediate funding for use to keep the Fenton Education Foundation operating efficiently. Your donation will have a greater impact for a longer period. We will work with your Financial Partners and Estate Planners to ensure we have an investment policy, withdrawal policy and a usage policy that is inline with your Legacy Goals.  

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Volunteer At An Event

The Fenton Education Foundation has many fundraising events throughout the year, and the secret to the success of these events is the volunteers that give of their time to help plan and execute these fundraising initiatives.  Contact us to donate your time towards the continued success of our events.

Volunteer Your Time

Winter Blues Fundraiser
Tee Up Fore Education
Poker Tournament
Black Tie Dinner

Attend An Event

Through private donations, the Fenton Education Foundation has been able to give awards and grants every year to programs that benefit students, teachers and the Fenton School district as a whole. The Foundation hosts several fundraising events throughout the year that allow us to join as a community in support of Fenton Schools. Details for each event can be found by clicking on the links below.
Winter Blues Dinner & Fundraiser Tee Up Fore Education Texas Hold 'Em Tournament Black Tie Awards Dinner


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